Survey Suggests Strong Connection Between Mothers And Cannabis

New research shows women with children more likely to use cannabis than those without.

A new survey reveals women with children use cannabis more frequently and are willing to spend more money on cannabis than women without children. The 2019 survey conducted by New Frontier Data compiled information from 3,000 self-described cannabis consumers.

Of the women who reported using cannabis at least once a day, 40 percent were mothers with children who were minors, 35 percent were mothers of adult children, and 27 percent were women with no children.

Women with children under 18 were particularly connected to cannabis. The survey found that women with children who were minors were more likely to describe their cannabis use as an “important aspect of their identities” than those with adult children or with no children.

Similarly, women with children who were minors were also more likely to spend more money each month on cannabis than either those with adult children or those without children. Of the women who reported using cannabis at least once a day, 34 percent of mothers to minors were willing to spend more than $100 per month, while only 21 percent of mothers with adult children and 19 percent of women with no children were willing to spend that amount.

Another interesting factor the survey revealed was that mothers are more likely to use cannabis when they are alone. Data showed that mothers are 30 percent more likely to “primarily or only” use cannabis alone, than women without children.

Among the women surveyed, 87 percent described their use as at least somewhat recreational, while 13 percent said it was only for medical purposes. Mothers were less likely to describe their cannabis consumption as purely recreational.

More Women Using Cannabis

More Women are Consuming Marijuana

Despite lingering stigmas, a growing number of women are embracing marijuana, and the gender gap in support for marijuana reform is narrowing. Reports indicate 61 percent of women in the U.S. now support marijuana legalization, compared to 44 percent in 2012.

Some major reasons women are more supportive of legalizing marijuana is the increase of education and the growing understanding of the medicinal benefits it can offer. According to a recent data, while both men and women will use marijuana “to relax and enjoy social experiences,” they also have different reasons for consuming cannabis.

According to consumer data provided by New Frontier, women are significantly more likely to use cannabis to reduce stress (45 percent), relieve anxiety (38 percent), manage pain (31 percent), improve their sleep quality (35 percent), and curtail nausea (14 percent).

Women are also increasingly turning to cannabis for symptoms and medical issues related to gynecological health, including menstruation, menopause, and to naturally boost sexual health. Cannabis impacts the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS is a major self-regulatory network that is responsible for regulating a wide array of functions, such as mood, metabolism, appetite, immune system response, pain response, and more.

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