More Than 8 of 10 Millennials Think Marijuana Should Be Legal

A series of new polls reveal widespread support for marijuana among younger American adults.

The millennial voice could help end federal marijuana prohibition, suggest the results of a new survey involving over 6,000 millennial-aged adults. New data from The Tylt, which is the “largest and fastest growing social polling and opinion platform among millennials,” suggests that 84 percent of the nation’s young adult demographic believes that marijuana should be legalized. More than 54 percent said that adults should be able to use cannabis in public.

The series of surveys from The Tylt reveal widespread support for marijuana among the millennial generation, which includes those born in the 1980s through the mid-1990s. Not only did an impressive 88 percent of the young adult respondents say they consider marijuana to be safer than alcohol, but 86 percent said they believe that marijuana has therapeutic potential and is beneficial for boosting public health.

When it comes to professional sports, a resounding majority of millennials believes athletes should be allowed to use cannabis. Ninety-percent of participants said they want marijuana to be allowed in sports, while a whopping 93 percent say that marijuana is a better option for athletes than painkillers like opioids.

The data from The Tylt also indicates that the millennial generation identifies problems with the nation’s criminal justice system, with 81 percent saying they believed that individuals locked up for marijuana-related crimes should be released. The survey report points out that in 2016, 653,249 people were arrested for marijuana-related offenses, and 89 percent of those were for possession. It adds that at the same time, a separate report from last year estimates that between 165,000 and 230,000 people are currently legally working in the cannabis industry.

Millennials and Marijuana

The surveys from The Tylt are not the first to suggest strong support for marijuana among younger adults.

Just recently, a Quinnipiac poll found that nearly eight in 10 voters under 34 years old believe recreational marijuana should be made legal, which was notably higher than the 58 percent support found across all voters.

Months ago, researchers found that more than half of all American millennials will substitute marijuana for their intake of alcoholic beverages, with participants citing safety, cost, and health as reasons for their switch. Separate findings indicate that almost all young adults use cannabis as part of their wellness regimen rather than to get “stoned.”

It’s no secret that younger Americans are more accepting of cannabis. Senior adults, while acknowledging and recognizing the benefits of medical marijuana, remain somewhat resistant to legalizing adult use marijuana.

Looking to the Future

Across nearly all demographics, support for marijuana is at an all-time high. The overall opinion is that with marijuana now legal in some capacity in nearly 30 states, and support for reform coming from both Democrat and Republican leaders, full legalization is inevitable and only a short time away.

With strong support coming from millennials, the nation’s cannabis industry appears to have a bright future ahead. You can stay up-to-date with the latest updates on the cannabis industry through our news feed.