New Medical Textbook Focuses on the Use of Medicinal Marijuana in Modern Healthcare

A unique new medical textbook is now available to practicing health professionals and medical students.

Written by Dr. Gregory Smith, author of two previous medical textbooks and over a dozen peer reviewed medical publications, Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications intends to become the standard in cannabis use as a prescription medication.

Dr. Smith earned his medical degree from Rush Medical College in Chicago and received a Masters of Public Health from Harvard University. As a primary care physician, Smith has regularly made use of medical marijuana and CBD oil as part of his practice.

Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications is the first science-based, peer reviewed textbook on medical cannabis and will be available for both health professionals and medical students. Dr. Smith spent about half of his nearly 30 year medical career in California studying the medical uses of marijuana, recording patient testimonials and researching the physical effects. The publication of Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications fills a void in medical literature covering medical cannabis.

Dr. Smith’s book will allow health professionals to better treat patients and further modern medicine. Published in February of this year, the textbook sets about outlining best prescribing methods including side effects, the differences in products available, and conditions that can possibly be treated with cannabis. The book also covers the history of cannabis and discusses how the human body uses cannabis and cannabinoids.

Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications is a modern, up-to-date educational guide for healthcare providers with little experience or knowledge of the plant, while practice exam questions reinforce ideas presented in the text. These providers include primary care physicians, pain specialists, oncologists, and geriatricians to name but a few of the categories of doctor that can benefit from this publication.

Details are revealed about the endocannabinoid system, the various cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, and how to write a recommendation for medical marijuana. The textbook will also include information on safe dosing, monitoring cannabis use, and dealing with abuse of medications. Additionally, local cannabis laws are listed, helping physicians new to cannabis practice safely within the restrictions of the law.

Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications standardizes and normalizes the use of prescription cannabis in healthcare. The goal is to help doctors to begin seeing cannabis as a safe and effective medication, breaking the negative stigma that the plant often carries. Clear language and carefully written descriptions make medical marijuana more accessible to the average doctor who may not be an expert in the effects of cannabis.

The book can be purchased direct from the publisher here.