Washington DC Cannabis Legalization Bill Introduced

a bill put forward in July, the Washington D.C. city council has introduced a bill that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis within the district. The bill would extend protection to adults 21 years of age or older. From the article at The Daily Chronic:

  • The proposals appear to reflect public opinion in the nation’s capital. An April Public Policy Polling survey that found 75% of District voters support decriminalization and more than 60% would support a tax, regulate, and legalize initiative similar to those that passed in Colorado and Washington last year.
Washington D.C. opened its first medical cannabis clinic in July, but the city council is looking to take a next big step towards decriminalization of drug possession across the board:
  • “As Councilmembers look to end marijuana possession arrests, they should also consider the broad human and fiscal toll that decades of failed drug prohibition has wrought on District residents,” he said. “Ultimately, drug use is most effectively addressed as a health issue instead of as a criminal justice issue — and this means that a person should not be criminalized for possession of any drug in DC.”
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