APA Distinguished Fellow: “Legalize Cannabis Now”

American Psychiatric Association and a clinical associate professor at Rutgers’ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, released an op-ed on CNN entitled, “Fighting marijuana … or reality?” In the article, he outlines a science-based case for cannabis legalization:

  • majority of Americans favor full legalization, and they understand that recreational cannabis is not now and will never be legal for minors. They know better than to believe Frum’s prediction that “half the states may soon allow the sale of marijuana to almost anybody determined to buy it” — an assertion so broad as to imply that even children would be permitted to buy pot legally. This is simply not so.Americans are also informed enough to realize that medical marijuana is not a “laughable fiction.” This week, I saw a longstanding patient with a rare, ultimately fatal neurological disorder that causes chronic, painful muscle spasms. For years, this patient has smoked marijuana to counteract this terrible symptom, and it works.
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