Oregon Governor Signs Medical Cannabis Bill into Law


Yesterday, Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber signed HB 3460, formally legalizing medical marijuana retail establishments throughout the state. In addition to legalizing medical cannabis dispensaries, the Oregon Health Authority will create a registry of medical cannabis establishments that will inspect and audit dispensaries at the state level. From The Oregonian:

  • The Oregon Health Authority, which oversees the medical marijuana program, is charged with drafting rules for the new registry. State officials said the agency is still working out how the process will proceed.Kitzhaber said he shares some of the concerns expressed by opponents of the bill, but noted that the legislation gives power to the health authority  to audit financial records of the dispensaries.

The Daily Chronic has a comprehensive look at the legistlation — click here to see more. The PDF of Governor Kitzhaber’s autorization may be found here and a Q&A may be found at The Oregonian here.
Photo from The Oregonian.