Colorado Announces Rules for Recreational Marijuana Use, Sales

released a 60-page report that outlines strict, detailed rules for the sale, use, licensing, and regulation of marijuana in the state:

  •  The regulations are largely dry details that make pot seem more like a loaf of bread or an over-the-counter sinus remedy than a party drug.[…] The department’s rules indicate it plans to establish seed-to-sale tracking, making producers and sellers responsible for each plant destined for retail sale. The state’s current medical marijuana business is subject to the same rule, though the department hasn’t been able to adequately fund the seed-to-sale tracking. State officials believe that if voters approve steep pot taxes this fall—a 15 percent excise tax and a 15 percent sales tax—they’ll be able to properly monitor every pot plant.
The only other state to legalize recreational marijuana use (meaning, use of marijuana without a doctor’s prescription) is Washington State, and they are expected to finalize their own rules for cannabis sales and regulation in 2014.   Read the article at the Denver Post, or read the full 60-page report here. [PDF]]]>