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donald trump opioid epidemic

Even President Trump Is Weighing in on the Opioid Epidemic

Trump last month declared the opioid overdose crisis “a national health emergency,” but his Opioid Commission refuses to acknowledge medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for chronic pain.
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marijuana and veterans

New Research Poll Finds More Than 90 Percent of Veterans Support Medical Marijuana Research Expansion

More than 9 of 10 military veterans want more research into the medical benefits of marijuana, according to a new survey funded by the American Legion.
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inside car buy marijuana

CO, AZ, and NV Open First Marijuana Drive-Thru Dispensaries

The three states now have an operational dispensary with drive-thru service to purchase either medical or recreational marijuana products. If you’re a medical marijuana patient or an adult use marijuana consumer, being able to buy your legal cannabis without having to get out of your car may soon be commonplace. With marijuana legalization expanding to now 29 states across the U.S., dispensaries in three states have already expanded their service offerings to include drive-thru windows.
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