Amy Klobuchar Stance on Marijuana

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

While Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) hasn’t been particularly outspoken about her stance on marijuana, she has regularly supported cannabis reform legislation introduced by her colleagues. Only recently did she come out in full support of legalizing recreational marijuana at the federal level, and the announcement came in the form of a fairly muted statement.

Like many of the other Democratic nominees, Klobuchar’s stance on marijuana has evolved over time. In a 1998 debate for Hennepin County attorney, she voiced opposition to the legalization of marijuana. She once held a D rating from the marijuana advocacy organization NORML, indicating a “hard on drugs stance,” but has since upped her grade to a B during her time in the Senate.

Klobuchar may not spearhead cannabis reform efforts, but she has backed at least four pieces of marijuana-related legislation introduced by her colleagues in the Senate. She is a co-sponsor of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s STATES Act, a bill that permits states to freely legalize marijuana, as well as the MEDS Act, which encourages more research into cannabis.

In 2018, when it was revealed that the Justice Department may be blocking marijuana research efforts by slowing the approval of applications to grow research-grade cannabis, Klobuchar joined seven other senators in a letter demanding answers on the delay.

Unlike most of her Democratic Senate colleagues running for president, however, Klobuchar has not yet signed onto Sen. Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act. The bill would deschedule cannabis, allowing states to legalize marijuana, while withholding funding from states that discriminate in their cannabis enforcement.