Julián Castro Stance on Marijuana

Julián Castro

Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro has made very few statements related to his views on cannabis and it remains unclear whether he supports legalizing it for medical or recreational use. In February 2014, when he was San Antonio mayor, Castro was asked about his stance on legalizing marijuana and responded that he was still undecided.

Castro has, however, criticized the Donald Trump Administration for signaling it would crack down on state-legal cannabis operations. In 2017, he took to Twitter and Facebook to refer to the White House suggesting it would interfere in recreational marijuana “a mistake.” In early 2018, he also retweeted a post on Twitter that included the statement: “Legalizing marijuana must include a push for restorative justice.” This social media activity could suggest that Castro at minimum believes states should have the right to legalize cannabis as they see fit.